How to Fast Index Your New Post By Google

How to fast index your new post of blogger blog or wordpress.get your post index by google and search engines within Minutes.simple solution which most of the bloggers do not know,I will tell you.

Reason why you are  here:-
"why my new post are not appearing on google","new post not getting indexed by google","why google not indexing my new posts","how to index my post by google faster","how to index my post faster" .and i will try to give answers of all above questions in this article.
How to fast index your new Post Blogger Blog
How to fast index your new Post Blogger Blog

Do you want to index your new post fastly and in within minutes or do you want to know why most of the well established site's post get indexed very fastly.ok than you are at right place.i will tell you why your new post do not get indexed very fast by google and why other website's blog post get indexed very fast.

We are here to discuss about how to get indexed your post very fast of blogger blog or wordpress not about why other blogger's posts get indexed very fast.

Follow the above steps if you really want to index your post by google.

  • Use of social bookmarking websites.
  • Frequent comment on comluv websites.
  • tell your friends to like your post.
  • share your post in google plus.
  • share your post in facebook fan page.
  • share your article link on twitter.

Use of social bookmarking websites.


After publishing your new post ,log on to the stumbleupon and share your post in SEO Catgory.belive me when you share your new post in stumbleupon's SEO category you will get instantly more than 100 is practically proved.and even i do it for my posts.

Reason:-Google re index stumbleupon in minutes because thousands of posts are added into stumbleupon.and google has to come again and again to index stumbleupon.and hence your new posts also get indexed very fast when you submit article to stumbleupon.

(2)Comment on comluv websites.

After publishing your new posts find some comluv enabled websites and comment on those websites .comluv enabled websites take your latest post as a backlinks and hence your post gets backlinks and also get indexed by google.if those comluv website are updated frequently.

(3)Get Likes on Posts.

If you have a good friends list than you can tell them to like your posts.higher the likes and higher the chances  to appear on the first page of always try to get maximium likes on your posts.

(4)Share your posts on google plus.

If you use google plus effectively than you will get maximum exposure to your includes more plus one on your posts,sharing your posts in google wil not only give you traffic but make an audience also for your websites. and for your information google gives high priority to those posts whih are shared massively on google plus.and google plus links also appear in search results.

(5)Share your new post on facebook fan page.

Apart from sharing your post on facebook timeline you must also make an facebook fan page and than share your post on your website's fan page.i achieved success in this when i made facebook fan page of bestofshayari and used it as pop up so i got maximum likes .everyday i get 5-6 likes on facebook fan page and today it got page rank of 2. and i share all of my post their and they get backlinks from PR 2 page.

(6)Share your article or post link on twitter.

Twitter also seen same as the stumbleupon by google. may be that just after sharing your post on twitter you can get indexed by google within first make an audience on twitter ,try to get other blog's audience and add them and then share your new post so that you can get some referral traffic for new post by twitter and hence chances are higher to get indexed very fast by search engines like google.

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