Blogger Widget-Arranging Blog Post in Gallery View

Best Blogger Widget it arranges Blog posts in gallery view,keeps one post after the another post like magazine view,Gives Blogger Blog Posts side by side view.

This blogger widget of arranging blogger posts in magazine view or gallery view has two benefits.first it covers less space compared to the default manual method that you use to show links on a page.second it is graphical so able to attain more focus of user on particular blog posts.actually this blogger widget of arranging blogger post in gallery view is quite similar to that you see in google blogger dyanamic templates and also similar to news websites.where you can see major focus is on the images and that is done with the help of the same type of look we are going to provide in this blogger widget.we will show our blogger post side by side view.

blogger widget arrange blog post in gallery view

blogger widget arrange blog posts in gallery view

How to add this code to blogger template.

Many of them are already aware of adding and editing blogger template.nut anyways take a look:-

  • First log into your blogger account.
  • Go to Blogger Dashboard  -> Template -> Edit HTML.
  • Hit Ctrl+f and find the code ]]></b:skin>
  • Save Template
Add the below code after above short code.

Code Starts
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;static_page&quot;'>

#main-wrapper {
margin:0px 0px 0px 8px;

margin:0px 15px 20px 0px;
padding:10px 0px 0px 10px;border:0;

.post img {max-height:151px;max-width:217px;padding-top:8px;}
.post h3{font-size:11px;padding-top:5px;margin:0;line-height:6px;}
Code Ends

Few customization that you can do according to your blog.
Width and height in above code can be customized by you for each block.

I Hope this blogger widget to arrange blog posts in dynamic view or gallery view or magazine view will work for you.feel free to ask any questions related to this blogger widget if you have any problem in inserting this blogger widget.make me inform by comments.

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harsh king said...

i heard that such widget also helps in reducing the bounce rate so i think that recent post widget should be more attractive so that it can engage the user and we can get more pageviews.and i think your widget will do this job for me.thanks for sharing.ringtones

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